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Mussoorie Weather Forecast

The weather of Mussoorie remains absolutely wondrous to steal the heart of any wayfarer with an insatiable wanderlust. The beautiful hill town of Mussoorie is located at a height of 1921 metres above sea level. This altitude makes the climate of Mussoorie warm and temperate. Rainfall happens mostly in the rainy season. The average annual temperature of Mussoorie ranges around 14.9 degrees Celsius. The warmest month is the month of June when the maximum temperature rises to around 27 degrees Celsius and coolest of days see around 20 degrees Celsius. August month is the wettest month with maximum rainfall of an average of 687 mm.

Mussoorie Weather

Summers (April to June) in Mussoorie

Summers are quite pleasant in the hill station of enigmatic Mussoorie. Mussoorie attracts large hordes of tourists in the summer season due to climatic advantage. The scenic beauty of Himalayas blend with the cool clime of valleys to make Mussoorie absolutely alluring during Indian summers. Temperature ranges from 30 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius during the hottest months.

Winters (October to February) in Mussoorie

Winters in Mussoorie bring the phantasmal promise of white snowflakes. It is enchanting to feel snow in the hills. This promise lures a lot of tourists and travelers to Mussoorie in the winters. The ice-capped frozen mountain tops present an ethereal site for mountain lovers. Winters can be biting with temperatures dropping to nearly freezing. The day temperatures seldom rise above 10 degrees Celsius. The mountains look mysterious and misty with engulfing fog. The sun shines meekly spreading minimal warmth.

Monsoons in Mussoorie

Monsoons see a lot of rainfall in Mussoorie. The roads might be a bit tricky and the conditions might be unsuitable for trekking or hiking but if you just laze around with the freshly washed beauty all around you and smell the mist, Mussoorie is heavenly during monsoons. The maximum temperature in the monsoon months touches around 21 degrees and dips to around 16 degrees. The months of July to September are considered the wetter months with monsoon showers. Rest of the year remains dry in Mussoorie.

Best Time to Visit Mussoorie

The magic of Mussoorie lasts all through the year. Visit Mussoorie in the winters to enjoy the dazzling snowfalls. Spend time in Mussoorie in summers to escape the intense heat of the plains. And get bewitched by the sparkling rain-washed mountains and forests in monsoons.And of course,Mussoorie sees a flood of nature lovers, tourist and travelers, hikers and solo travelers, groups and families in summers when people flock to the mountains to enjoy the cool freshness of the crispy mountain air.

Mussoorie Tourism